1. Appointments for private sessions, semi-private session, or small group training classes that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged in full to the client.
  2. Cancellations can be made using the Front Desk app, or by contacting Athletic Evolution SPT at athleticevolutionspt@gmail.com or (619) 535-1946.
  1. Semi-Private Training:  There is a minimum of 2 participants per session; as long as 2 RSVP the session proceeds as planned.  However, if a majority of participants are unable to attend an alternative day/time can be scheduled.
  2. Small Group Training:  There is a minimum of 4 participants per session; as long as 4 RSVP then the session proceeds as planned.  However, if a majority of participants are unable to attend an alternative day/time can be scheduled.  (please see Cancellation Policy above).
    • If an RSVP is cancelled before the 24hrs before the scheduled time and the session is below capacity we will contact the remaining participants regarding a possible reschedule.   If, however, a player/participant that cancels after the 24hr cut off forfeits the session for that individual and the remaining participant(s) will train as scheduled.
  1. For Private Training sessions click on the BOOK APPOINTMENT tab to select Private Training session there will be a free 15min Assessment added to the 1st session.  Please be sure to CONTACT US about your 1st session so we can add the extra time to your appointment.
  2. To trial a Semi-Private or Small Group Training class BOOK CLASS to purchase the pass to the class you like to try.
  3. Please be sure the complete the REGISTRATION AND LIABILITY FORM before the appointment or class.
  1. Members can bring a one-time guest at a reduced rate.  Sign into your account and select the class you will bringing your guest to purchase the pass.
    • Note: The guest/parent-guardian of the guest, must complete the REGISTRATION & WAIVER FORM before participating.
  2. Ask us what the current promotion is when your referral signs up!

Through Pike13 you will be able to enter checking or savings autopay or credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).

  1. No prepaid cards or checks are accepted.
  2. Pike13 is safe and secure!
  1. To add or delete services, update contact information, or add family members log into your account to edit or update your information.
  2. Changes to Plans or Packages must be done by Athletic Evolution.

As the Plan and Package rates for classes are based on the number of players/participants in the group the rate will change when players/participants leave or join the group.

In order to properly reflect your changes in time for the next billing cycle, it takes up to 30 days to insure we update your account and confirm the party requesting the change is an authorized signer.  As with any changes to a membership, we require a request in writing for documentation purposes.

In the event of inclement weather sessions may be cancelled. Notification will be made as soon as it is determined that the session will be cancelled; session will be credited to package or an alternative session will be scheduled.

Click on CONTACT US anywhere on our website or email us directly at athleticevolutionspt@gmail.com.

Session availability and class schedules are visible via Pike13.  As a general rule, training sessions are available MWF from 6:00pm-6:00pm, TT from 8:00am-8:00pm, or Sunday 10:00am-2:00pm.  As a mobile coach, however, there may be travel time limitations.  If a session is booked that doesn’t allow for travel time we will reach out to adjust the start time to accommodate.

Members and Clients can use our convenient AutoPay Method by using a Checking or Credit Card Account. Payment is due on the same date each month that the plan started.  You will receive an email receipt.

Pike13 is an online scheduling and purchasing portal that is linked to the Athletic Evolution SPT website. This will allow you more control and access to information for your/your child’s training experience with Athletic Evolution. With Pike13 you will be able to:

  1. Purchase passes, packages, and plans,
  2. Schedule appointments, RSVP for classes, and enroll in courses,
  3. View your purchase history and how many sessions you have available,
  4. Receive reminder messages before sessions and a whole lot more!
    • Opt for email OR text reminders in Notification Settings.