Athletic Evolution offers a variety of training programs.  Coach Andrea’s comprehensive, individualized training programs are grounded in the foundations of athletic performance – movement education and strength development – and help athletes to:

  • Improve Athletic Performance – Have more efficient movement and increase your speed, strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and work capacity.
  • Progress in the Sport – Make the team, reach the next level, earn the starting spot, win the championship, get the scholarship.
  • Reduce Injuries – Limit the severity and frequency of injuries by learning how to use your body and move more effectively and functionally.
  • Increase Confidence – See how working with a positive and encouraging coach can impact other aspects of your life, too.
  • Stay in the Sport – Discover how much more fun it is to play and compete when you can perform at a higher level, stay healthy, and appreciate the journey to athletic success.

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Designed to be an introduction to performance training, the Athletic Development Program is scheduled for once per week.
  • Athletes learn a Dynamic Warm-Up that can be used for all practices and competitions to fully prepare the body for explosive physical activity.  Included in the warm-up are balance, coordination, and injury prevention exercises.
  • Speed mechanics, agility, and movement drills are taught to maximize efficiency and athleticism.
  • Strength and core work set the foundation for explosive athletic movements
  • The session is finished with a short stretching and flexibility component to get athletes into the habit of doing recovery work at the end of workouts.
This training program is based on a combination of sports performance training and the Long Term Athletic Development Model.  LTAD is a program focused on developing the functional movement, body awareness, balance and control that allow for a better sport and activity experience. Book Appointment — Private Training Book Class — Semi-Private & Group Training


Individual, Semi-Private, Small Group & Team Sport Performance Training

Whether you play one sport or many, athletes find that Coach Tyndall’s training programs focusing on the basics of movement mechanics, body awareness/control and strength will make a significant different in your performance. Sports Performance Training programming is structured to enhance athletic performance for single or multiple sport athletes in individual, small group, or team training sessions. Coach Tyndall utilizes a comprehensive training model emphasizing not only strength, power, speed, agility & stamina but focuses on injury prevention strategies as well: including flexibility, balance, coordination and joint stabilization.
The Sports Performance Program is for athletes who desire to  is scheduled for 2 or more sessions per week. Training sessions last 30-90 minutes each based on your training goals, schedule and availability.
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Train as a Team, Succeed as a Team

A team that trains together wins together.  There are a variety of benefits of team training including:
  • Scheduling: Many athletes, parents, and coaches realize the benefits of doing sports performance training but have difficulties incorporating it into already packed schedules.  By integrating training into regularly scheduled sport practices, the entire team will be able to engage in training conveniently.
  • Cost: With a large team on a consistent schedule Athletic Evolution is able to offer a group discount so that the price per athlete is significantly lower than when training privately; this could allow for more sessions to be scheduled for additional and faster results!
  • Programs are specific to the team and their schedule: With standard sports performance facilities there may be new athletes training with experienced players, golfers with football players, and athletes at many different points in their competitive calendar.  With team training Athletic Evolution is able to communicate with the coach to ensure the training is compatible with the team goals and schedule.
  • Encouragement & Motivation: Teammates can push each other to finish strong, complete the last rep, and to go harder.  With everyone working towards the same goal the standard continues to get higher and the results come faster!
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Are you interested in some Fun and Functional Fitness? Whether you are involved in adult sport league, enjoy training with a purpose, or just want to improve your health and fitness then the Adult Performance Program (APP) is for you!  This program will be a modified version of the sports performance program.   You will:
  • improve your balance, flexibility, and mobility!
  • increase your strength and fitness!
  • lose pounds, inches,  and  maybe even a pant or dress size!
  • enjoy working out with a group of workout buddies!
Adult Performance Program! YES!  There’s an APP for that! 
When an athlete or active individual gets injured it is not only the braced ankle or casted wrist that is affected by the immobilization and inactivity that is part of the rest and rehabilitation process.  Rehabilitation focuses on the injured body part, but often ignores and neglects the rest so the injured area has been rehabilitated but the rest of the body has been detrained.   The losses of strength, fitness, flexibility, and mobility that can occur due to the recovery program can make it difficult for an athlete to return to play with the same level of confidence, strength or work capacity as they enjoyed pre-injury. Coach Tyndall works WITH your Doctor or Physical Therapist to ensure that the Reconditioning Program complements your rehabilitation process to regain, and possibly even improve, your level of pre-injury strength and fitness.  The Reconditioning Program is individualized and progressive to ensure that when the athlete or individual steps back onto the court, field, track, etc. that they are ready to meet the demands of the game with confidence. Are you recovering from an injury and want to make sure that you step back into the game with the same, or more, strength and fitness than before the injury occurred?  Call Coach Andrea today and let’s get you ready to play! Book Appointment — Private Training
Stay tuned for Clinics or Workshops with Coach Tyndall and Athletic Evolution!  We are working on plans for Sports Readiness and Sport Performance Assessment Events, as well as Vertical Jump Training Workshop and Speed Work for Multi-Directional Athletes Clinic. ----------------------------------------------------- Are you interested in hosting a workshop with your team or program?  Coach Tyndall is available for 1-4 hour hands-on learning opportunities for your players and/or coaches!
  • How to Prepare Your Child for a Positive & Successful Sport Experience
  • Sport Performance Training
  • Sport-Specific Drills & Exercises
  • Strength & Conditioning for Girls
  • Jump & Plyometric Training
  • And More
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Learn from an Expert Coach Andrea Tyndall offers lectures and hands-on workshops for high school and club sports programs, state clinics, and other interested groups. Potential topics include:
  • How to Prepare Your Child for a Positive & Successful Sport Experience
  • Sport Performance Training
  • Sport-Specific Issues
  • Female Strength & Conditioning
  • Jump Training
  • And More
Get the Performance Training Aspect of Your Camp Worked Out! Sports camps find that there are many benefits to hiring Coach Tyndall for performance training, including:
  • Positive Female Role Athletic Model – A plus for both boys and girls. Coach Tyndall’s presence helps girls visualize a possible career path, and allows both boys and girls to see a woman in a sports leadership role.
  • Engaging Program – The right balance of functional movement, elite movement, and everything in between, all presented in a way that young athletes understand.
  • Excellent Group Management Skills – As a credentialed Physical Education teacher and experienced coach, Coach Tyndall is adept at ensuring everyone is participating, having fun and progressing.
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